1The place where we lay our head is considered home. It’s our sanctuary; the one place where we can comfortably be ourselves. So, finding a place to live can sometimes be a difficult task. We want it to be peaceful. We want it to be a place where we can relax. A place where the pressures of everyday life don’t exist. Some people can find this safe haven in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere. And some people want some place a bit more luxurious to call home. If you’re a part of the latter, then I know the perfect place for you! In 2018, 40 glass-walled villas created by architects JK Bauen Building Contracting, Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co. Ltd, and Sino Great Wall International Engineering Co. Ltd will pop up along the coast of Dubai. As part of the Heart of Europe Holiday Resort, each 4,000-square-foot “Floating Seahorse” home will feature three floors. Two of these floors will be situated above the water’s surface, offering sweeping views of the ocean from its sunlit rooms and beautiful decks—complete with lounge chairs, dining areas, and even a hot tub.



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