They may not know how to read or write but the Bajau know how to enjoy living in paradise. Often referred as the Sea Gypsies, these water nomads live in Borneo, close to neighbouring Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

Despite being cut off from the rest of the world, the cheerful tribe particularly the kids, were happy to be around French photographer Réhahn Croquevielle aka Réhahn during his travels in the area.

The Bajau children do not know their exact age. They learn how to swim and dive early in their lives as the ocean water is as important as the air they breath. The kids have developed excellent underwater vision which is used for fishing and diving for pearls. Their homes sit on stilts on the water. Their handmade lepa (boats) are often times also used as living space.

One may argue the Bajau are deprived of modern day conveniences and luxury. Nevertheless, Réhahn captured breathtaking images. One cannot help but notice the huge smiles and joy in the photos. It may be us after all, who seem to be deprived of the simple things.He will keep forever in the depths of his heart the feeling of peace and serenity that emerges from these places, of these people who have nothing in common with our lives and who live only for and by the water.

The Bajau, the nomads of the sea, are neither recognized not accepted by the neighboring countries

They are there by choice: the choice to live in paradise, their own little paradise

The tribe has no knowledge of reading or writing

The Bajau do not know their ages

They know roughly about the concept of age but time doesn’t matter much to them, only the present moment counts

Regardless of age, everyone finds his place and helps to catch the fish

Women give birth here in their hut on stilts. Most Bajau are born, live and die on their land

Younger children are constantly on the boats, learning how to dive or swim, while those who have reached the age of about 8 years old are already busy hunting


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