Kung fu squirrel: Amazing photographs show rivals locked in titanic battle over a pine cone

Vadim Trunov has an eye for wildlife that can make even the peskiest of squirrels seem lovable.The Russian photographer uses high-speed lenses to capture wildlife subjects normally too challenging to photograph out in nature. His latest series captures the secret lives of squirrels as they search for nuts in snowy forest outside of Voronezh. The photos take a closer look at, as Trunov tells Mashable, “amusing, playful and curious little animals” that are often seen but rarely interacted with.

Trunov’s previous subjects include snails balancing on mushrooms, ants dipping their legs in water and grasshoppers crawling on leaves.

The truth is a bit different, however – it’s winter, these squirrels are hungry, and they want food! In fact, the ones with the pine cone and the nut are fighting over the winter food, which Trunov left in a clearing so he could photograph the squirrels.With the snow thick on the ground in the snow-covered forests outside the east Russian city of Voronezh, food is in short supply.Which is perhaps why these two squirrels have such a dramatic reaction as they skirmish over a cone – and the precious seeds it contains.

The nature-lover lay in the snow just metres away from the squirrels as they squabbled over the pine cone, one of their preferred means of sustenance.Trunov, 30, recalls the first squirrel setting its sights on a pine cone that he had placed in a clearing before it began to extract the seeds inside.

Soon a jealous fellow squirrel arrived in a bid to get a taste of the fallen food. The duo lunge at each other and at times soar through the air as they battle for dominance. But the original squirrel was never going to give up its find easily and manages to scare the other away.’I put a pine cone in the snow, walked away, and waited,’ Trunov said of his wildlife shoot. ‘After some time, the squirrel ran up and started to gnaw it hungrily.

‘A little while later a second squirrel appeared, this one tried to banish the first squirrel and lunged at her. It was amazing to see because they both would spring into the air, it was truly fascinating to watch.’But the first one squirrel was not going to give her cone. She grabbed the cone and jumped to her. Then she attacked and chased away her opponent.’

Vadim says he was barely a few metres away from the squirrels as he lay in the snow to photograph them.
‘Squirrels love to eat nuts and cones that’s why decided to give the squirrel a cone.’Inside these cones are the seeds which squirrels love to eat. They gnaw the cone, and take out the seeds from there.’

Russian Photographer Captures The Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever

Russian Photographer Captures The Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever


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