1You all must have seen a beautiful photo shoot of an elderly couple in love on your timelines. The photos are so ethereal and the elderly couple looks so in love that it can melt anyone’s heart. However, sorry to burst your bubble if you’ve been singing praises of their love because the man and woman in the photo shoot are not a real-life couple. They are just plain and simple models from an agency. The photos were so beautiful that it transcended all forms of love. Captured by Russian photographer, Irina Nedyalkova, her photos took the internet by storm and swiftly became viral. So much so that publishing houses and websites wrote articles on her photos. However, the elderly couple in the photos who look so much in love are in reality not together. Yesterday, Irina Nedyalkova took to her Instagram to reveal the truth behind the photo shoot. She was flooded with requests to reveal the story of the couple and she did, only it broke our hearts, sigh.



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