A couple from the UK came up with a brilliant idea to share their love of cats and movies.

Dave and Sarah, from Nottinghamshire, spend their weekends carefully reconstructing iconic scenes from Hollywood blockbusters with the help of their two cats.The cats, Willow and Tara’s stellar acting job has now seen the couple amass over 5,000 followers on Instagram account Movie Cats where they share their hilarious photos. Dave and Sarah said that they first came up with the idea for the account when they were devising questions for a pub quiz that they host.

Speaking to Love Meow the couple said: ‘We host a pub quiz every few weeks, so we started doing it for the film/TV round, and we enjoyed it so much we decided to keep doing it as a regular quiz question.’The pair now spend their Sundays coaxing their kittens into playing out scenes from some of their favourite blockbusters.The couple say that although the cats are a little confused by their starring roles, they are happy to comply in exchange for a reqard.They added: ‘The cats clearly think we’re weird, but they get loads of treats doing it which tends to be their main focus.’ Their conquests are then shared on their popular Instagram account where they ask their followers to guess the film.A new Instagram account, @moviecats, features a British man costarring with his two Burmese cats in photo recreations of scenes from E.T., Alien, American Beauty, Ghost, The Shining, and Lady and the Tramp.

The hilarious images hail from David and Sarah Chapman, with the help of their cats, Tara and Willow. David appears in the photos with his pets, but the cats get the true starring roles, playing such classic roles as E.T., the alien in Alien, and Demi Moore to David’s Patrick Swayze in Ghost.

Surely it can’t be easy getting the cats to slip into their roles, so the couple also started another Instagram account, where they share behind-the-scenes photos.

American Beauty or now, American Beautiful Kitty!
Now every Sunday, it’s a collaboration between the kitties and their humans to live out their creative dreams. They turn each film into a feline version of the story, and the kitties help the humans create the most amazing movie pictures ever made

“We have a lot of terrible ‘out take’ photos which are hilarious.” The details are stunningly accurate.Willow and Tara love the attention and all the treats, and are quite a natural in front of the camera.

Wearing a white towel over its head the feline is quite clearly taking on the protagonist role while Dave plays Elliot in E.T.




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