‘Instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better’: Prankster Dad recreates his daughter’s sexy selfies, with hilarious results

Parents can sometimes be the greatest trolls. They know when and how to teach their kids a lesson. And Chris Burr Martin is one such father who hilariously imitated his daughter’s selfies. Little did Cassie Martin know that her father was an A-level troll who gained double the number of followers she had with his perfect selfie-imitations.Parents, is your teen posting selfies you’d rather not see online? Yes, according to one clever dad who used his keen sense of humor to shut down his daughter’s “sexy” selfies.However, once news of Chris’ hilarious antics began to spread to news outlets and websites around the world, he suddenly found that he’d far surpassed his daughter’s 39,000 followers. Incredibly, he now has 71,3000 followers, outweighing Cassie’s by almost double.

Instead of taking away her phone or trying another form of punishment, Chris “Burr” Martin of Spokane, Wash. hit back at his teenage daughter Cassie in the most epic way.

“I saw she posted some provocative ones and what really bugged me was some of the guys commenting rude remarks like ‘You’re so hot!’ and all that,” Martin told The Huffington Post in an email. “So I took a photo that was similar to ‘throw water on the fire’ and asked, ‘What about me, guys!?’”

Proudly showing off his “dadbod,” Martin posted his own rendition of one of his daughter’s selfies … right down to a makeshift temporary tattoo.In one photo, he used a permanent marker to draw on an interpretation of his daughter Cassie’s tattoo, as well as wearing a wreath of plastic leaves to emulate the Snapchat filter she used in her selfie.
In another, he pulls a full duck face as he takes a selfie in the mirror. Like in the original photo, Mr Martin is wearing pajama pants, a crop top and has a drawn on ‘tattoo’ peeking out from under his short t-shirt.

The photo has since gone viral with hundreds of likes and “bravos” from parents applauding the bold move.As for his 19-year-old daughter, Martin says she surprisingly wasn’t upset. “She laughed. She liked it more knowing her friends laughed about it,” he said.So, he’s kept the selfies comin’. Duck lips and all.

The real Snapchat filter


Better tattoo than her for sure!

Make me up: In one photo, Mr Martin pouts for the camera and craws on his version of daughter Cassie’s eyeliner

In another photo Mr Martin makes fun of his daughter’s thick eyeliner, drawing on his own and pouting for the camera. In yet another he copies her outfit, wearing jeans, a white crop top and a flannelette shirt-although his stomach isn’t quite as flat as his teenage daughter’s. In a caption on Instagram the dad admitted that he didn’t think ahead when using permanent marker for the joke. ‘Took me 3 days to get all the ink off.lol,’ he wrote.


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