You may use the words “tourist” and “traveler” interchangeably, but to some people in the travel community, these titles have different implications. It’s not necessary to commit to one title or another; however, you can choose to be more of a tourist on one day of your vacation, then be a traveler on the next.

Considering the way you define yourself while traveling can help you get the most out of each trip.Travellers care about the culture and societies they are visiting; travellers care about the people they are meeting, both locals and foreigners alike; travellers care about the way they travel, they want to discover and explore. Travellers just care.

A lot of people argue one of the main fundamental differences between travellers and tourists is education – that travellers use travelling as an educational experience, to learn about themselves as much as about their surroundings, whereas tourists use travelling as an escapism, a way to forget about themselves as much as the surroundings they’ve left behind.

What’s the difference between a tourist and a traveller? Holidify, a company catering to people wishing to visit India, just released a series of simple images illustrating their interpretation of this question. Spoiler alert! If you like to stay in hotels and own a selfie stick, you’re probably a tourist!

What do you think of this comparison? Do you agree? Vote on the best image below, or add your opinion in the comments section!

Following directions vs taking the road less travelled

Travelling as a herd vs. travelling alone

Tourist Vs Traveller

Luxuries vs the basics

Tourist Vs Traveller

Cabbing vs. trekking

Sleeping in a bed vs sleeping in a hammock

Luxury hotel vs. camping

Hiring a car vs hitch-hiking


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